Looking for OCR API to Coda


Currently, I am way overpaying for a service that will OCR any email attachment that is forwarded to that particular service, called Veryfi. I am know there a ton of cheaper alternatives, so this is my ask for anyone who knows how.

I need an OCR that is very accurate with line item parsing of pdf invoices - then I need someone to make a pack that will take that data and make into a pack table for me to use in coda.

I’m offering $300 to anyone interested. I have no preference on the OCR service as long as its competitive pricing (if not free) and accurate in terms of line item extraction from pdf invoices.


Ryan Redmond

Hey Ryan,

Just went through a similar thing, including some accuracy testing.
Generally, I found that Veryfi - which I agree was quite pricey - had by far the most accurate line-item parsing of invoices. I also tested Google’s receipt OCR, Amazon, and Mindee. And while Mindee had a much better pricing scheme, it was making too many mistakes to be worth anything.

Eden.AI has a nice tool to test a number of the primary services against one another, with a free trial for credits.

Taggun is another service I’ve not tried that looks relatively promising. Even still, they all seem to be in the ballpark of 5-10 cents per receipt/invoice page. I have yet to find free receipt/invoice parsing OCR services that are worth anything.

That being said, I made a personal Verifyi OCR pack to integrate with Coda. If you’re interested in sticking with them, I could probably spruce it up enough for public consumption.