Released: OCR Pack

Hey everyone,
Today I’m launching the OCR Pack!

It lets you read text in images and PDFs :partying_face:

It’s taken a lot of attempts, research, and experimenting - I’m stoked for this solution and I hope you are too!

Here’s a doc with examples


So exciting! Been wanting something like this for a while

You rock!

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Hi @Rickard_Abraham , this could be interesting.
Would you mind creating a video showing some use cases?
Don’t hesitate to share your story in more detail, what looks easy, rarely is.
cheers, Christiaan


I can imagine. Some late nights dialing this in I’m sure. :slight_smile:

I assume your approach employs some good libraries as opposed to generative AI to accomplish its seemingly accurate extractions? If true, this could be an advantage because many firms are generative AI-averse and try to avoid such dependencies.

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Ooh cool! I’ve been dabbling in a bit of OCR stuff lately too. What do you use under the hood? Tesseract?

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If this does what I hope it does, it’ll be a real game changer. Thanks!

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Thanks everyone for showing such great interest!

I’m using Google’s powerful Document AI and I’m amazed at how quick and accurate it is.

Before discovering this fantastic solution, I experimented with various Python packages on both GPU-less servers and GPU-enabled servers.

If you have any requests for this pack then please let me know!


Implemented better error messages!

image image image image

Privacy and security

Lowered price to $5 per doc maker :tada:

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