Reduce the margin between navigation panel and page content

The margin between navigation panel and page content is very big (100 px):

When you have a wide table with many columns some of this space can be used for content instead of useless white space.

Looks like 30 px will work great (you still have space for *** dots for tables):

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Hi Andrei,

Do you already have your content alignment to “wide”?


You could try something like the Stylus extension for Chrome and Firefox and use some custom CSS like this:

._1BTBamP7 .kr-canvas-header {
    padding-left: 80px;

._1BTBamP7 .kr-canvas-header-subpages {
    margin-left: 30px;

._1BTBamP7 .kr-canvas-editable {
    padding-left: 30px;

This is of course only applied at the level of your browser, and other users looking at this doc will not see any changes you make to the css.


I know how to edit CSS (and that’s how I made the second screenshot — by changing padding for the content area), but it’s not a universal solution as you noted: