What CSS Injection Needed To Make Wide-Display Dialog/Detail-Layouts

i know it is a long-outstanding request to Coda to remove the extremely narrow widths on pages, dialogs, detail-layouts and time-lines. and i sincerely hope it will be delivered soon.

meantime i have some clients with very big high-resolution displays on their desks, where the standard-width coda layouts look very small indeed, leaving 50% to 75% of the screen unusable.

i believe it may be possible to (temporarily, and unofficially (ie unsupported)) make certain display elements wider by injecting CSS code using a chrome extension.

so i was wondering if anyone has figured out the CSS code to inject in order to increase the width of the various elements involved?

i understand these things are done at our own risk etc.



Hello @Xyzor_Max
I hacked this together a while back for quick personal needs. Not really tested, I’m sure it will break some layouts but this might be enough to get you started ? You might want to add some media queries too…

* {
    --width-narrow: 1800px !important;
    --editor-position-content-padding-left: 100px !important;
    --line-set-width: 1800px !important;
    --editor-max-width: 1800px !important;

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