Reference table for regexmatch formula

Hi Codans,
I’m using a regexmatch formula to search a string for a list keywords, then tag them if a match is found. I’m planning on having many keywords with different tags if a match is found, so I want to list the keywords in another table for easier management, then reference the keywords in the regexmatch formula.
Anyone know if this is possible?

Hey Polar Bear!

Of course its possible! You are working with Coda

My solution below goes a little further than what you asked, as it shows how to hold multiple “groups” in a single table, but it should give you the direction you need to suceed!

Essentially, store your words in another table, refrence that table, then use join() to string them together with the regex OR operator.

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Thanks Scott. This is what I was looking for as I have several groups of keywords.

So, to incorporate more than 2 groups of keywords, I would have to use the SwitchIf formula then repeat the formula you shared for each keyword group, right?

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