Relation in canvas bug

There seems to be a bug causing unexpected behavior.

When I click on a relation in the text area of the doc to open the choice possibilities and it is previously selected as blank, and after clicking outside the relation to not make any new selection, an option that was selected previously to the blank option is selected, even if an existing filter does not allow this option

Hey @Fabio_Arbex, would you be able to share your doc here so we can take a closer look? Feel free to reach out directly to with the bug report if you’d prefer too.

In this field you can select the lines filtered by done status. To test, mark an option in the table as done, select that option in the field, then mark it in the table with another status, make the field blank, open the field for selection again but instead of selecting, click on any blank part of the document


Hey Fabio! Unfortunately we’re unable to reproduce this on our end. Are you still experiencing the issue? If so please submit a bug report to the support team. Thanks!

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