Repeat Annually/Yearly

Hi all,

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to make a formula create a date that is exactly 1 year later than the original date. So if my current event was on 1/1/19 I want it to repeat again on 1/1/20. Adding 365 days doesn’t work because of leap years. The “year” formula doesn’t add or remove years, just brings out the year from a date. Anyone know how?

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Hi @Tim_Richardson1,

Would Date(RefDate.Year()+1, RefDate.Month(), RefDate.Day()) work for you?

It really depends on how you actually want to deal with leap years: in this case 29 February would (correctly) jump to 1 March.

Did I get it right?


This is perfect, thank you!!!

You’re welcome!
Happy we made it :wink:


Just had the need for this solution come up in one of my docs. Thanks!!

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