Repeating Events the same Monday of the month


Is there a formula to add rows to a table that repeat automatically the first Monday of each month?
(similar to GCal where you repeat an event and have the option to repeat at will)

You can do this with the relative dates pack Relative dates Pack, extend Coda with Relative... | Coda

Create a button that does what you want, and add this formula to disable it:
Today() != EndOfMonth(Today(), -1) + Days(1)

Then set up an automation to click the button every day.

Edit: Sorry, my response is for the first of every month, not the first Monday!

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hi @Miguel_Gomez ,

I guess this question has be put forward in many variations already and that therefore the pack suggestion of @Samuel_Langford is very useful. If you want to generate a list of values without a pack see my contribution below.

to get all Mondays in any given list of dates - I constructed this list via the Sequence(), you apply:


When you only want to have this list for unique months, you add an element to this filter in our case we ask also if the day is a number between 1 and 7

CurrentValue.WeekdayName().Contains("Monday") and 

In my screenshot I replaced the Weekday() logic for a weekdayName() since I don’t know what kind of week logic you follow.

Anyway a pack (or even better a native Coda integration) will for most users likely be the way forward, cheers, Christiaan

Today() =  Sequence(Today(),Today()+31).Filter(
CurrentValue.WeekdayName().Contains("Monday") and 

The above part you need in your automation as I described here:

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