Replacing YNAB (You Need a Budget) with Coda

Is anyone aware of a doc template that provides an envelope-based or zero-based budgeting system in Coda?

I’ve used YNAB for a while but its bank feeds are constantly breaking, and if I have to manually import my transactions anyway, I figured it’d be cool to have a DIY solution in Coda that I could customize and fix other annoyances from YNAB too (multi-user access for example).

Recreating the required formulas and relationships is beyond my skill level in Coda so I’m curious if something like this already exists.

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Hi @AG2010 :blush: (and Welcome Back :grin: )

Have you look through the Coda Gallery to see if something could work for you (at least as a starting point :blush: ) ?


Thanks, I did look there but the budget templates are generic. I’m specifically looking for an envelope style system like YNAB (also known as zero-based budgeting). I thought someone might have taken the time and effort to create a direct YNAB knock off in Coda, which seems feasible, given Coda’s capabilities.



Maybe this model could be suitable for you but I don’t know your YNAB system :frowning:


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