Report about chart & table display error after the new layout is updated

Hi @mallika, I & Mr @hua_thaidat would like to report about the display error. Below is the problem we have.

As you may see, we can’t drag to the left to see full table in the layout. The problem occurs after Coda updated new layout.
We have to change the “Label” setup to “Left” to drag the table. But it also shows the Table name in the left. Moreover, we can’t setup dashboard with two columns because of it.

So can you help us to fix this or change it back to the former layout? Thanks!

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Hello Minh!

Thank you for the bug report, literally it’s very irritating when we’re unable to drag the table to see full content. We have this bug in our internal tracker and our team is working for a fix. Soon they will be releasing a fix for this.

Stay Tuned!!

Dear @Karan_Mangla
One more bug on the charting display in layout;
We can not display the chart in detail view. And, it just happen past few days.
In the past we setup very nice chart in the detail view and yesterday, when I review the content, the chart just disappear.
We try to change the chart display layout but it still not work.

Dear @Karan_Mangla
Just add more picture to explain the issues that @Minh_Vu mentioned;
In the past we can easily croll the table to the right to see more content;
But after the update, we can not croll. So that, a lot of collumn in the table from the right side can not be seen in the detail view.
To solve it, we have to change the table label style to right. However, it make a huge waste space in the left of the table.

I spent a LOT of time creating these “dashboards” that others suggested and today when I went to review last week’s data NONE of my charts are displaying. CODA YOU BROKE SOMETHING. Please fix this! I too am affected by this issue.

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Hello @Minh_Vu @hua_thaidat ,

We’re very happy to announce that this bug has been fixed! All of these issues should now be fixed in all of your docs. Feel free to give it another shot and please let us know if you still run into any issues.

Have a nice day :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thank you for the good news!!!