Repositioning coda page link thumbnail

Is there a way to reposition or better control the thumbnail that displays from the cover of a coda page when seen in the card view of links?

2024-02-20 14_56_52-Dalia's Aquascape · Genshin Impact 2 and 5 more pages - Dalia Matsuyama - Micros

Hi! This isn’t currently possible, so we’ve added a vote on your behalf for this feature. Thanks!

Hey @Dalia_Matsuyama,

I just recently posted a video with various tricks, and one of them may actually help you. TL;DW: you can’t reposition the thumbnail but you can adjust your image so that your desired picture ends up being in this thumbnail

(see from 4:26, but also actually just watch the whole thing :slight_smile: )

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Very cool, thank you!

I notice that at 1:20 in your video you seem to be navigating a Coda document with a horizontal navigation bar allowing you to click between 4 (5) pages; that navigation being present above the header itself. How did you accomplish that?

Ah, it’s just a doc viewed in published mode. When you publish a doc you can choose it to have top navigation (with top-level pages being navigation items and subpages becoming items in the menus.) Actually that’s probably the default layout when you publish a doc.