[Request] Canvas columns

Will you guys be allowing for columns and side by side elements like notion. I like coda better but that would be a great feature if you added it.


Hi @Ritzfit,

I’ve moved this to it’s own topic in the Suggestion Box category since it didn’t really relate to the attachments launch topic.

And to answer your question, this has been a big topic of discussion and it’s an idea that is getting attention, but there isn’t an ETA currently. It’s something we’re exploring though.


+1 for canvas columns


No worries thanks for your reply.

I am also struggling with finding coda pros to bring into my team to help with my space.

Is there a slack channel for the community?

The coda community within itself doesn’t seem to have provided much help.

I have also been given in the last a link to a place where i can hire coda pros but the typeform required to fill out for each never seems to get responses.



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We don’t have a slack channel. Things tend to get lost in slack and the community tends to be more searchable for solutions.

Posting here is a great place if you’re looking for help building out docs. If you’ve posted before and didn’t receive many replies, you could create a new post and be descriptive about what you’re looking for.

This is also an area that we’d like to grow more and may open up a category here to help draw more focus to these types of requests. Any thoughts and ideas are welcome!

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I do Coda work for hire, but I’m extremely busy lately. I’m sorry if I was one of those people to get a request from you through the “makerplace” and never reply — I got so overburdened lately with life and all, I got a few inquiries that I simply overlooked.

A pro-tip: if you post in the Community, always select a category to post into, e.g. Ask the Community. Uncategorized posts like this one just get lost: they never appear on any lists of new topics unless explicitly searched for. Also, just reach out by email or PM here, the typeform-based “makerplace” is pretty much dead now.


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