[Request] Case management application possible?

Hello, has anyone put together a doc to manage legal claims? Contacts, notes, lots of associated data, and a lot of “I don’t know where to put that” kind of information. I’d hate to reinvent!

While I am a big CODA fan, I would like to suggest that you also look at RoamResearch. I use coda for more structured info and RoamResearch for freeform linking. I will often start with something in Roam, and finish it in Coda: For example, I write a blog in CODA on decarbonisation. So I will send my internet research to Roam, take and collate notes in there, and then write the article in CODA.

CODA also has all my tasks in a table, but every now and again I need to clear the structure in my mind in RoamResearch. On the other hand, I find Roam to be horrible at anything that can be put in a table.

They co-exist nicely, and can easily crosslink using URLs.


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Hi @paul_overett
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Well, let’s say that this is rarely (if ever) solved by any kind of tool or solution.
Having your own taxonomy and logical/practical process to organise your data should be the first step to understand how your daily activities flow.

I appreciate this, however.

In order to start something concretely, what are you using now?
Have you used any kind of CRM before?
Where do they fit and where they not?

Thank you!

Thank you for replying to my post! I’ve been through a lot of different ‘off the shelf’ products that were produced for my industry, but everything I’ve tried so far is square peg to round hole. I’m looking for speed and visibility… With about 100 clients at a time, I need to see a bird’s eye view of a client’s case, ie all related contacts, notes, expenses, and a bunch of other stuff. AirTable was an option at first, they have a template specific to my law practice area, but it was essentially one giant table about 12 screens wide.

Coda is attractive because I’ve always been stuck between docs and sheets… 80% of the data fits well into a table, but 20% is narrative text. I believe it’s possible with Coda, and you’re most certainly correct that the structure and process is the hurdle. I’m considering having a page for each client with their narrative, with a view, or two views, to the tables. Needs work.

Perhaps I need a feasibility consult from a coda expert…
Thanks again for your reply!

HI Paul
I think that you are off to a good start here:

And I say that in all seriousness. I am a firm believer in fewer tables is better, and with the new interactive control to search through a table that is even more so.

Then have a page as you suggested with views on the case information, a view on research, a view on the contacts, a view on the communications (calls or emails), etc.

It all depends on what you need to store - but that framework is fairly important, I would try and keep it as standard as possible across clients and cases.

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