Request for date formats that match most localization patterns

We cannot move to using Coda as there are some pretty basic settings like these that are still missing. It is quite shocking to see that the company is holding to release such feature for so long. That is not a good sign.


@BenLee any update???..

Hello everyone,

I’m keen to have some updates too. It’s been 3 years I think you have the scope you wanted to estimate feature size by now.


Just adding my desperation here as well. Please I need this! @BenLee

I’m in a very small locale (de-at) but if I want my office to use Coda it has to show the data in the format they are used to and that is VERY different to what it looks like in US.

I am about to convince them to switch from Airtable to Coda - but this single point adds a lot of hours of mine to the project because of the need to manual translation fields. I am neither keen to spend that time on this nor is my client on adding the respective cost.

airtable has a function which allows to change it at least in a formula, also time consuming and annoying but at least something. Here I don’t even have that, need to add a translation table and remember this every time it seems.

Unless I have overlooked an idea/solution to this problem?

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Hi @Bettina_Horvath happy to help. What format are you looking for?

Have you considered writing a custom pack? I would think this would be pretty simple to do for almost any needed date format. It’s one of the best features of Coda.

Austrian German - I have managed now to prepare a formula that translates any date column into my desired outcome. Will work. Thanks for the offer!

I am still a newbie here and have to find my way around, but that is something I want to look into. I have for now found a workaround by creating a formula that puts the date in the way I want it. Adds another field for every date field that will be displayed anywhere but it’s ok for now.
Thanks for the reply!