[Request] Help setup biotech startup operations (contract or part-time employment)

Hello All,

I come from the corner of the business world where tools like Coda are not well understood or used. I, however, am extremely excited by it and would like to build a framework to use Coda in the lifesciences and pharma industry.

For starters, I would like to implement a people/department/projects/performance tracking framework (basically a table that we can call into subsequent apps), followed by a purchasing/approval/receiving system. The other smaller apps would be around project pages, project meetings, tracking updates etc. The bigger app is an electronic lab notebook system that will tie into projects (and to the inventory system from the purchasing app) and be continuously updated by the project team. It is basically a glorified wiki, but we want to be able to organize it to be productive and useful across the project and the company.

There is an option where we could parse out specific projects and get them implemented, but I am curious if an on-going part-time job opportunity could work for someone. This is going to be something that will have to grow and evolve as more scientists start using it, so I would love for someone to be embedded with us and help us think for the company on how Coda can serve a dynamic lifesciences company. You can email me directly at swamy@zafrens.com if you might be interested in discussing more details or ideas…

Thank you!


I’ve sent you an email!

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