[Request] Microsoft To Do (Tasks) Pack

I am looking for a pack to be able to sync tasks between To Do and Coda docs. I have seen similar packs for other Task apps, but not the MS To Do. I’m starting to use MS To Do for my daily task list management, mostly because I am tied to Outlook for work.

One additional request for the pack (and I realize this may be a stretch) would be for pack to be able to take in more data than the app normally collects and relate it to the table in the doc. For example, the Coda doc would have a table of tasks with columns related to the task (task name, due date, notes), but the table would also have a column that relates to another table in the doc, something like “Customer”. I dream of being able to add additional data in the “Notes” field of the app using specific hashtags and that data being used when imported into the Coda table to assign a certain value from the “Customer” column. In this instance I can create tasks in the app and have them assigned to specific customers in this CRM doc automatically.

Shoot me a DM or an email at scott@simpladocs.com

Happy to discuss

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late to the party, but I recently published the Microsoft To Do pack!

You can add your own columns on the synced To Dos and create relations to other tables.