[Request] Readwise -> Coda Pack

I rely on Readwise heavily and am looking to integrate the service with Coda! A pack would be great, but help setting up an Integromat (Make) scenario would work too.


Hi @Sarah_Arminta! I work for a small no-code company called Little Robot that does a lot of work in Coda (including making Packs). We’re keen to find out more about what you’re looking for so we can see if it’s something we can help with.

If we were to make a Pack to integrate with Readwise, what things would you need it to do?

If that’s not feasible, what would you want to be able to do with Integromat, or are you just saying you’d want something like Integromat? I see Integromat has the ability to integrate with Coda, but not with Readwise, so I’m not sure that using it will help if Readwise is your main tool.

Hi @Courtney_Milligan1, thanks for the reply!

I’d like it to work a lot like the Notion or Obsidian integrations for Readwise. Basically pull in all of my highlights from my books, articles, tweets, etc. Also to auto-update the entries and append new highlights at regular intervals (I have it set to every hour in Obisidian currently).

In Notion each entry is a row, and I imagine that would work best for Coda. Each entry be its own row in a Readwise table. Then the metadata would be rows in the table (author, created date, number of highlights, cover image, etc). The highlights would go in a canvas row.

Readwise also allows for setting up your own templates for how you’d like the integration to work and I typically add my own metadata beyond the defaults that way.

I’ve attached screenshots of what the Readwise outputs look like in Notion and Obsidian.

As far as Integromat, if a pack can’t be built, I think I could make a scenario that utilizes the Readwise API to pull everything in and shoot it to Coda.


Thanks for the elaboration @Sarah_Arminta! With this information, I think either option (pack or integromat) would work, but the pack would be more effort. I think it would helpful to do a 30min Zoom call to get a better understanding of what this would look like as a small project and weigh the options. If that sounds good to you, would you mind sending me an email at courtney@littlerobot.ca so I can set up a meeting?

I was able to figure out a workaround by using Integromat (Make) to pull in my existing synced Readwise files in Obsidian through Dropbox. Thanks for your interest!

That’s awesome! Glad to hear you figured out a solution. I think we’re going to look into Integromat a bit more for our own sake because it sounds like quite a useful tool, so thanks for mentioning it!

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Check out our submission for the doc building challenge!

Give us a vote :heart: if you like it. On the doc we have a feature called SaveToCoda powered by a Twitter bot. Similar to Readwise!

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Hi all, I recently added a Readwise Pack that hopefully can solve some of this need :slight_smile: