[Request] Structuring advice for building company operating system

Hi there,

I’m looking to create a company-wide wiki + project/task management + goals/OKR + team meeting notes + product planning + dev mgmt + setup… inspired by August Bradley and his Notion setup My Notion Life Operating System Overview - YouTube, as well as this thread Why would you NOT try to manage all a Tech Start-Up's stuff in Coda? (so I’m conscious of some of the potential performance issues)

Should I combine everything into one doc or have separate docs for different functions/operational areas?

I’m also wanting to give access to certain part of the system to certain freelancers, which I’m assuming will be easier using a multi-doc approach, given that Coda’s permission functionality isn’t very robust?

Any other advice for approaching this task?

Thanks everyone!


One doc unless you need certain data to be protected or your doc merely replicates some process. Cross doc is too slow and complex for anything else.

Better to get freelancers you can trust.

this is mostly getting taken care of

If you stick with one doc this might be addressed

Hire a good contractor to build the first draft. You’ll save a lot of headache. @Federico_Stefanato and @Paul_Danyliuk are good choices. I also do some contract work.


@Connor_McCormick many thanks for the publicity :pray:t2: :slight_smile:

@Sion_Lanini, as you might know, there is not an a-priori right answer: feel free to contact any of us directly in DM to address it in a more specific context.


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@Connor_McCormick thanks for the shoutout!

@Sion_Lanini as both Connor and Federico said, there’s no right answer without better understanding the context. I’m personally not available for hire now but I’m putting effort into making more educational content these days (Patreon, YouTube, and the CodaTricks blog to come). Cross-doc setups done right is one of the next big topics I want to tackle. Perhaps I’ll record a series of videos on building a similar cross-doc setup this month already — stay tuned.