Restore a CrossDoc connection to a deleted table

If you have a view of a table in doc A that is being CrossDoc’d into doc B, and the original table view is deleted in doc A, this breaks the CrossDoc connection and it says ‘Doc does not exist or is inaccessible’.

Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 3.23.48 PM

Is there a way to reconnect and heal this issue?

Dear @Johg_Ananda,

Short answer: if it happens and you realize it, you can recover doc A, but often you don’t. So this is not the solution and nothing new under the horizon.

What I should like to see in Coda is to have an option to #tag docs, to show that they are part of a cross doc, or for example shared in this community. As long as they contain certain tags, not being able to delete the doc.

Somehow it becomes over time a challenge to structure your docs in an consistent way

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What is the method you are indicating here? I have realized it.

@Johg_Ananda I think he means you can go to the Version History of the doc that the table was deleted in, and then restore an older version. You will lose any changes since then, so this is only an option if that is acceptable.

This reminds me of a similar issue, if you have a view of a doc and lose the original table, it would be great to be able to relink a view to a table.

Hi @Johg_Ananda and @Ed_Liveikis

I had in mind to go to the deleted section and find the doc there.

@Jean_Pierre_Traets It appears the doc still exists, it’s the source Table View that the Cross-Doc table was based on that was deleted.

Hi @Ed_Liveikis, I am sorry to understand that it was not available anymore.

Next step could be, especially if you remember the name of the doc to write to and see if they will be able to recover for you.

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