Retreiving data in one table from another table filtering on dates

Hey everyone,

I’ve been struggling with what seems to be an easy filter formula.
Here’s the setup:

Statement table
I have a table with three columns: month, bank, location (contains a link to Google drive with a location of the bank statements)

Booking table
I have another table which also has month and other variables. One of the columns should pull in the Google Drive location of the statements for that month.

My current formula returns blank:
=[Statements Master Table].Filter(Month=thisRow.Month).[Drive Location].first()

I type first since the drive location for all statements of that month is the same, they are ordered by month.

Any idea what I’m missing? When I use Month=todate(“June 2020”) for example it does give me the correct location for June, but I need this to happen for each row.

Hi @Maarten_V1,
and welcome to Coda Community! :handshake:

It would be helpful to have a look at your doc, if it’s possible.
From what you say, I guess it’s a simple issue with data type, but having your example shared would really help.

Thank you!