Retrieving the Year value from a Calendar?

Hey folks, I’m currently finishing up a “Team Members Time Off” calendar which is replacing an Excel setup we have in SharePoint.

This calendar nicely lets you dbl-click or drag across the days you plan on being out and then select a Category from a list - Vacation, Medical, Personal etc.

At the top of the calendar I have informational Text with a formula to display the current year, along with another text item that shows the number of entries the user has in the calendar for the current year.

If I browse through the calendar months w/the navigation buttons and for example, end up back in 2023, I’d prefer the two text items to then show the stats for 2023.

Is there a way to retrieve the current year the calendar is viewing and use that value for my informational text at the top?

Any tips appreciated!

I don’t think there is an option to accomplish this.

Yes, thanks for your response - I had gave up early on.

I put in a text field where you can type in the year.

Being able to seamlessly navigate across year boundaries in your calendar, and have a way to keep track of that in a formula would have been nice…

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