Return Specific Column Values in Automation Notification

I’m trying to wrap my head around how to send a notification when a particular row is modified, with a crafted message (using fields from the table) in the automation notification.

Here’s the message I want delivered…

"{Name} has {status} the invitation to speak about {topic} on {date assigned}.

When I try the automations, I keep getting lists returned, not individual values like I would want.

Here’s a working concept doc for it… where I am failing…

How can I automate the notification to be on par with what I am thinking?

Want it to read, at the time of status change… something like, "
“Bill Baker has accepted the invitation to speak about “Cookies and Cream” on 11/6/2022.”

Totally lost, running in circles, trying to get this one sorted out in my brain.

Hi @brownrbrian

I corrected directly in your documentation, here are the configuration you should have written. Actually, you have to use “Step 1 result” to get information from the changed row

  • Little mistake in the if statment, here you go with something simpler that expected !

  • Then the written message for notification ( you can also use Format() function for this which is more elegant)



@Quentin_Morel stellar! So simple. :man_facepalming:!

Updated it to use Format, much cleaner. Appreciate the support!

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At the beginning this is just to understand how to use Step 1 Result :wink:

Happy to be helpful.


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