Reveal cell based on the string value of a Select List

Is it possible to Reveal the Intake Task and Define Task cells when the Phase = “1 Define”?

I am trying to reveal task to-dos, based on the current Phase selected.

Hello @Mitchell_Murry , welcome to the community.

If always showing those fields, and just fill them when right Phase selected, then it would be easy enough: just create a secondary Intake Task and Define Task field, whith your current values, and in the form layout fields enter a formula that loads those fields if right value selected and empty List() if not.

Something like Intake Task =

If(Phase = "1 Define", Intake_Temp, List())

This way, to-do’s in the Intake Task(which is in your layout) would only show when right phase selected, and would load from Intake_Temp values (which is where you apply your to-do’s assignment logic)

I think this formula is directionally where I wanted to head, but I am thinking something a little bit different.

If Phase = Define, Show Intake Checklist and Show Define checklist
If Phase = Design, Hide Intake Checklist and Hide Define Checklist

Hi again! Yeah, i got that, but there is no option to hide a field within the layout logic.

My previous recommendation should look close to your desired result, except for the field title and a little space taken by the field.

From there, you will have to sweat more to achieve a better result. I can think of two options:

-Depending on how you expect users to expand your row to the form, you could use a 'Edit" button. In that case, you can create other layout designs, i.e. without the Intake and the Define tasks fields. Then, add to your button a logic similar to:

thisRow.OpenRow(Switch(Phase, "1 Define", DefineLayout, "2 Whatever", WhateverLayout), "Fullscreen")

The drawback is that if an user expand manually the row, (that is, without using your “Edit/view” button), it will expand with the default layout, which to prevent functionality faults should be the one that shows all possible fields.

-If this doesn’t suit you, you will have to use Canvas field in your row to compose, like it were a page, your own canvas for those fields. That option is something i strongly do NOT recommend in your case.

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@Juan_Manuel_Perez_Lostao Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. This was super helpful!

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No problem @Mitchell_Murry , happy to help!

And welcome again to the community :smile:

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