Right to left support - RTL

I am impressed by how simple yet powerful coda is, WELL DONE :clap: Codans!
It will be great if we can get full RTL support in the near future :slight_smile:


This kind of feature might make coda extremly attractive for certain audiences - Including me :slight_smile:

+1 I will use this for my business if it will have RTL Ability!

I work with Coda in Hebrew.
I use it to manage my SMB - clients, projects and tasks. Highly flexible and useful.
For one-liners like task titles and project names, there are no obstacles. Yet, you must have labeling and titling conventions.
For notes fields, it depends on the uses. not very useful for long and complex notes.

The Ctrl+Shift works but only temporarily.

If Coda doesn’t want to lose half the world and become a writing tool - RTL is a must.