Row color by color picker in each row

I have a Table with my Color Scheme

Diferent tables have a LookUp Column to this “Color Table”, and I can dhoose a Color.

What I would like:
When choosing the color, the row should change to this color.

Is there a way to do this?

It would be more easy, if there were a column type “color picker”.

Hey @Kristijan_Moser,
it is not possible to change the color of the row from a predefined hex value.

In theory you can change the color of a row with conditional formatting option, but it is not practicle for your use case, as you can only choose by a range of the predefined colors, not a variable one, and you’d have to set it up for each color on their own.

The only way/formula of using a custom color code automatically right now is in the reactangle shape, but I guess that’s what you already did in the “Visual” column with a circle clipper - which looks cool btw :slight_smile:


as @Daniel_Stieber indicated, this is it for the moment. Since I need color logique quite a bit I added something that might help you as well to make the best of it:

and the logic I apply is:


As such I always have a direct link to more information about the color.

Best, Christiaan