Running timeline for a project?

I am mapping out a project that runs over several months and I’d like to get a running timeline for each month.

I have a Gantt display which does display this, but I’d like a column to help calculate a few things.

For instance I want to calculate project costs as the number of workers grows. Say Task 1 takes 1 person 9 weeks. 7 weeks in I hire a second person for task 2 that takes 6 weeks, at week 11 I have person 1 and person 3 working on Task 3 etc.

I’d like to have a column in a table so that at the start of each month I know how many people I have working that month so I can calculate costs. (I say start of each month but start of each sprint would also work for me, eg sprint 20, team size =4. In fact having both calendar month start date summary and sprint number start summary would be useful).

I’ve tried having a column with month that looks at start date but if there’s a month with no tasks scheduled to start it misses it.

Now I think about it, creating a running sprint plan will be good too. E.g. 2 columns one for Sprint number and one for Sprint start date. The question is how do I create an automatic calculator for Sprint number and date based on a start date?

Hello @Jonathan_Richardson!
I would go with creating a separate table with the sprints (or months) and reference the sprint directly in each task.
In this table you can have the start and end date and a filter of all the tasks in that sprint, this way you could create other columns like the number of workers in each spring, etc.

To automatically add a new sprint you could set an automation that adds a sprint when the last is about to end.
To get the latest date you could use the next formula, that first sorts the sprints by date and then get’s the last:

the last sprint end date:
Sprints.Sort(true,Sprints.[End Date]).Last().[End Date]

Now with the help of a button you could add a new sprint and the start date could be [the last sprint end date] +1. The button can be disabled if [the last sprint end date] - Today() < 2 (or the days before the date you would like to add the sprint).
Now you can set the automation to run every day, but because the button will be disabled until it is close to the date it won’t be pushed.

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