Sales Tracker for a Product Business


Hello there! So I want to start an enamel pin business, and of course, I couldn’t resist making some spreadsheet to track everything for it. Happy to say that Coda was so much fun to figure out, and I actually managed to get the document flow the way I want it to!

If anyone’s interested in using it, here’s the template

Small disclaimer: as mentioned, I’m still at the very beginning, so as much as I tried to make it smart enough for someone who’s farther along, I might have missed something, so let me know!


This is great @Shannelle_C! You should submit this as part of the Small Business Spotlight!


Very cool @Shannelle_C!

I like the layout and different views! They are simple and easy to take in data at a quick glance, and the important data stands out.

Thank you for sharing!


And thanks for the kind comment!