Saving my document in a shared folder

How do I set the documents location to a shared folder and avoid constant sharing and loss of access if a document initiator is leaving the company?

Dear @Maydan_Wienreb,

When you have a Google business account from where your employees are operating, the admin can set the user rights and if necessary recover content.

What employees create on private accounts can not be controlled or monitored.

Does that make sense

The part of an employee leaving is now clear. Thank you.

Can I save the Coda file to a shared folder?

Dear @Maydan_Wienreb

I recommend to write to to get the advice you need.


Once created, you can move a Coda file stub in GDrive to any folder you like. You can also create a Coda doc directly from within any GDrive folder.

Note we don’t currently support Team Drive, only “normal” Drive works today.


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