Search content inside canvas

Hey, we started evaluating coda and we use a lot of canvas elements in tables.

Is my understanding correct that the global search finds content inside various docs, but it doesn’t find the content which is written inside a canvas?

Hi Markus,

actually the search will show you the row that includes your research, please find the example below. And the popup will confirme it, showing also the name of the canvas column !

Hi Quentin,
Thanks for your feedback. You’re right, when I’m inside the doc, the search in the sidebar works fine.
However, when I’m on the global “overview” page (the search box states “Search all docs”), then only content which is directly on a page, e.g., the content of a row, is found, but not if the text is located inside a canvas element.

Oh yeah I see, sorry I misunderstood your point.
Indeed, it’s maybee too deep for this global research.

Maybe you can use some keyword or tag system in a select/lookup column, so that your user, after writing stuff in canvas, select one or multiple tags, and then you can make the global research within the tag ?

Please do not hesitate to reach out if I can help your or your company in any way !

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