Searching for Talented Makers

Greetings! We run a small firm that builds low-code solutions for our clients. Our focus started in Airtable, but has now expanded to include Coda and we’re looking to onboard some new sub-contractors. If you’re interested in joining our team, please fill out this form and let us know a bit about yourself.

Our ideal candidate has experience building relational databases, as well as automating processes with Zapier. All work is remote and we’re hoping for candidates with 20 or more available hours each week. We are looking for sub-contractors interested in both Development and/or Project Management roles.

For more information about our company, please visit our website here.


Dear @Gareth_Pronovost,

Although it is not related to your subject in this post, I want to take the opportunity to congratulate you with your really clear YouTube explanations videos. :movie_camera:

:bulb: @maria, in relation to all the education materials you produce, you might be interested, as I like particular the context explanations, that make it clear why certain steps need to be made.


@Gareth_Pronovost I found Coda from one of your Airtable Youtube videos. I’ve been much happier with the solutions for my workflow here! So thanks :wink:


Great to hear, @Tim_Sherrod! We really love the flexibility of the docs in Coda and have started developing more projects in this environment lately. Really happy to know it helped you!

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Thanks @Jean_Pierre_Traets - that means a lot!

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