Select and Edit multiple blocks of text at the same time

It looks like it is possible to change boldness or color of text that is situated in different blocks/paragraphs. But I can’t seem to select multiple blocks/paragraphs at the same time and change their style (H1, H2, H3).

Is something like this possible in Coda? See visual example from Notion:


Hi @Fran_Vidicek :blush: !

Could you tell us what browser you’re using ? :blush:

On Chrome, I seem to be able to select multiple paragraphs and change them using the “formatting” menu appearing once I’ve done my selection… At least on the canvas, it seems to work…

Select and edit

I definitely missed that button.

But the idea is that you can actually change the block type in Notion. A same example in Coda would be changing the line Seperator “Line Style” of multiple lines at once. That seems to be the feature that is missing.

Also by selecting text like you did, you are unable to to something like this:

Since there will rarely be multiple headings right next to each other, the Coda way of selecting text is useless.

Unless maybe, you collapse the headings you want to change first, and then select them since they will be right one on top of each other. → Too much work

I guess this is just a functionality obstacle with Coda, I’m sure the Coda team is ware of what their competitors are better at, and are actively working towards closing the gap.

Btw if anyone from Coda team sees this, here is another great Notion feature that is super useful:


And to make it cooler: Add an option to hide borders.

Oh I see :blush: … Thanks for the precisions @Fran_Vidicek :blush:
Don’t hesitate to create a suggestion in the #suggestionbox !

As for this though :blush:

The /Slash command also exist in Coda :blush: and allows you to add Tables, Controls… Etc …

and Views of tables too :blush: … by either :

  • typing : /Table which will open a menu where you an select to create a brand new table or a view of an existing table

  • typing: /First letters of the table for which you want to create a view which trigger this suggestion in /Slash Command menu :blush:


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