Changing paragraph styles for multiple paragraphs

Hi from France,

I’m currently a user of Notion and Airtable. For a fairly long time, i was thinking of switching from Airtable and Notion to Coda, but didn’t had the time to do it.
I’m now beginning Coda tests by recreating an Airtable base and Notions pages related to the same project. I guess i will have a lot of questions during that exercise :wink:

So, first question (Notion > Coda related):
In Notion i find myself always changing paragraph styles when typing contents: titles levels, text to lists, etc. And it is applied a lot to a batch of paragraphs at a time (select a batch of text paragraphs to switch them to a bulleted list).
I didn’t found a way to transform a selection of text paragraphs to a bulleted list in one operation. It seems I have to change one paragraph at a time, which is a huge waste of time!
Is there a way to do it i didn’t found?

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Bonjour @Vincent_Pelletier ,

Glad to meet another Frenchman here and like you, I come from Notion.

To answer your question, indeed it is possible by selecting all the paragraph you want to modify and then in the text formatting menu, you just have to change to bullet list.

Here is an example:


I should have seen it, thanks for the help!

And I guess we can continue to write in english, as it seems like it’s the (un)official language in those forums :wink:

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You will indeed find more solutions if you use English, but there are a lot of French/Belgian for my part ^^ ready to help you.



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