Select Lookup table, based on table name selection/variable

I’d like to create a way to “select the table” I am doing the Lookup for fields in the table. I’m new to Coda and can’t seem to figure this out. Can I was a variable for the table name to perform the lookup?

Using ‘MLO Type’ field, which is the names of the table, to do a lookup for the other fields.

Names of the existing tables.

Hey @Kenny_Lee welcome to the community! It seems like MLO Name is a lookup from the Materials table. Are you asking if you can have MLO Type be a select list which dynamically changes the lookup table that MLO Name references? Unfortunately you can’t do that.

However if you could explain a bit more what you are trying to do, there is most likely several ways to accomplish it! Coda is very versatile and has many ways to approach problems. Good luck!

Hey. Thanks for the warm welcome.

Here is the link that might give a better idea, and my attempt to describe it. The current Coda doesn’t work. :frowning:

SKU List
For each SKU, it should sum up ‘SKU Builder.Total Cost’ into ‘Product Cost’. Right now, I can’t get it to sum by each SKU. I’m doing something wrong with the Filter.

SKU Builder

  1. Lookup ‘SKU Name’ from ‘SKU List’
  2. Choose ‘MLO Type’ (lookup from MLO). Note: MLO is Materials/Labor/Overhead
  3. ‘MLO Name’ is lookup from ‘MLO.Name’ (another table) and is also filtered with ‘MLO Type’.
  4. It updates the ‘Cost’ column, and I am able to manually enter in the ‘Units’ to get the ‘Total Cost’. This ‘Total Cost’ updates the ‘SKU List’.

MLO (Material/Labor/Overhead)

  • Initially this had 3 tables (Materials, Labor, Overhead), which I think it still makes sense, but for testing, I combined them into 1.
  • The 3 tables makes sense because I think there will be attributes that doesn’t apply to other types.
  • This is why the original question above asks about the ability to do lookups from 3 tables, depending on a variable.

I left the Coda link open to edit, so feel free to hack away.

I sincerely appreciate any tips and insights!

I watched more YT videos published by and gotten more familiar.

Other than pulling multiple tables into 1 column for lookup, I’ve pretty much figured out everything else. :slight_smile:

No more ask here.

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