Send a document to another company

I’m a consultant who made a document in my paid version of to demonstrate the value of Coda to a client. The cllient now wants to use the doc and get their own instance of
How can I transfer the document from my consulting companies instance of Coda, to my clients instance of Coda?
Thank you

share a duplicate with the client (they can duplicate to their workspace).
good luck, cheers, Christiaan

Thanks @Christiaan_Huizer yet I’m not sure exactly how that works
Doc is created (With multiple pages, sub pages and tables) in my org with “ domain”
Do I Copy the Doc.?
Then Share the Copied Doc with my client with their email with “” domain
Then they make a copy and save to their own workspace.


@Richard_Hall, welcome to the forum.

use the share menu option to create a link (a url) to your document that you can send your client (by email or a messenger app).

they can then click on that link and it opens your document.

then they can chose the “copy document” option from the lefthand menu and that will generate a copy of the whole document in THEIR workspace.

to make it easier for the client, i place a big red button on the first page they see that says “COPY THIS DOCUMENT” and its action is Copy Document.

this is a quick and easy way to send docs to clients.



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