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I have a Coda doc that allows people to check themselves in and out of the office. If they check themselves out there is an option to put the date and time when they will return and notes on where they are going. This was designed to replace a magnetic board where people are supposed to slide a magnetic circle to either in or out or to a time when they are supposed to return. The doc is working as expected, but a new request has come up to add a safety feature. We have a lot of staff that do work out in the field. They are wanting a feature that if staff has not checked themselves back in by a specified amount of time after they were supposed to return then a notification is sent to their supervisor. The supervisor can then make sure the employee is ok. Sending a text message would be the preference if that is possible. I have attempted a few things, but it hasn’t worked. Does anybody have any suggestions on how this could be implemented?

Hey Jennifer! Cool idea to keep your employees safe!

One idea would be to:

  1. Add a column that updates with a timestamp when a staff member checks out.
  2. Add another column with a button that is disabled if it’s been less than x amount of time from that timestamp
  3. Set up an automation to push the buttons to send a text message to the employee. Since the button will be disabled if it has not been x amount of time, only the employees that need to be checked in on will get a message.

A great Pack to integrate with in terms of sending out a text message would be the Twilio Pack, which you can check out here: Twilio Pack, extend Coda with Twilio - Coda

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I made a table that could work for this situation. All you woould have to do is:

  1. Create a Twilio account,
  2. Add Twilio account to the Doc,
  3. Chain the Twilio operator with the && operator to the formula in the column labeled “Late”

Here is a link to the table

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