Sending a reminder at times other than on-the-hour (e.g. 5:45 instead of 5:00)

As the title says, I’m trying to let doc users set a reminder for themselves. However, I can’t find a way to do that within Coda, since the automation just checks once per hour. Any ideas on how I could do this?


Still don’t have answer for this one. If anyone has ideas I’m very open.

Dear @Sam_Stowers,

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I recommend you to put some perspective on the use case to set a reminder somewhere in between the whole hour. Imagine the workload of the developers and only the subjects that have a big positive impact on the product / users will get priority.

From my experience with the automation, I see sometimes a small delay of a minute or two, after the actual set hour, what for me is no problem at all, and I didn’t see other users mention this or question about it.

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Thanks for the reply @Jean_Pierre_Traets! No worries on not receiving input, I just wanted to know if it was possible within the existing Coda toolset.

I’d like to use it for user-set reminders for given tasks. For my use case, it’s reminding users to log their sleep. Hourly is ok in my case but I don’t want the reminders to feel unflexible - hence asking about more timing control.

Not worried about minute or two delays - I don’t need that kind of precision.

You can’t really do that in Coda alone, but you can implement such reminder mechanism with the help of Zapier (you’ll need a paid plan though, for the multi-step zap). Check out Zapier’s scheduling capabilities and particularly the Delay action.

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I’ll take a look, thanks Paul!