Sending URL of new Doc to user who signs up on webflow - turning Coda into a webapp

Hey all,
I want to create a workflow using Webflow, Zapier and Coda.

When a user signs up on Webflow, I want a new page to be created (from a copy) and sent to them using a Zap. (Done :white_check_mark:)

I then want to give that signed up user edit access to the Coda page.

So far, I have the “Copy Doc” zap setup in Zapier. However, I don’t know how to send the user who signed up the URL to the new workspace.

Is there a formula that fetches the URL of the workspace? I can then use the “Find row” Zap in Zapier and send the value in the row to the user.

I’d ideally also like to share access to their email in another zap.

Would really appreciate the help - thanks!

Here is the website:

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