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Never Forget your Somethings

A CEO asked me, “Is there a way to use Coda’s new Canvas feature to have different note types while still bringing all of my tasks, reminders and projects into one place?”

I made them this:

They said, “I tend to create one new note per day and I take all of my notes there. But sometimes I take notes specifically for a meeting. In that case, I need to capture information like the meeting attendees because I only want to show tasks or projects relevant to the people I’m meeting with.”

So we added a Meeting Session.

Meeting Session

We can create a unique Canvas specifically for meetings. It captures who is there, filters to something relevant to attendees, and allows capturing new somethings easily. :

And yet, notes don’t need all those features, so we simplified the Notes Session

Notes Session

There’s just a section for notes, and a section to capture somethings.

Open Somethings

On the home page, they can see all the somethings they have open.

Why are they called "somethings"?Github uses an "Issue" model to track problems that need to be addressed. But you can hear it in the word, "issue" and "problem" and "address", it carries a negative connotation.

Somethings are much sweeter.

Now they have a unique context for two rituals (note taking, meetings) that unifies all their sweet somethings into a central place for review.