Set People Column to Blank

I have a tasks DB, and a column called “Completed By” which sets the user of the person who completes the task.

My question is, how do I make a button to clear the cell when the task is “un-completed”

ModifyRows(thisrow,CompletedBy,"") does not work, nor does “Blank”

Thank you!

Hey Nick! Is your “completed by” column generated by the createdBy() formula?

Hi Scott!!!

The Created By column is type: People and set by using the value for new rows function to user()

The Completed By column is type: People and is set by a “Mark Complete” button in each row. It uses ModifyRows(ThisRow,CompletedBy,user())

What I’m failing to do is CLEAR the completed by field with a button

clearing a row by putting ‘nothing’ via :slight_smile:


cheers, Christiaan

I think there’s just something missing in your formula :thinking: … especially in the Column part of ModifyRows()… unless this is just a typo :blush: but this …


… should work and clear the people column :blush: .
The difference for the Column is thisRow.CompletedBy where yours just say CompletedBy :thinking: .

This should work for you, seems like you are doing it right

Can you shared your doc or an example if you keep having issues?

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