Set value of a Date Range control

Hi guys, I have a Date Range control and I’d like to set its value to a certain range, e.g. This Month or Past 180 days. There is the Set Control Value function but I can’t find an appropriate object to use as the value. Is there a way how to do it?

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Dear @Jan_Hink,

It’s always recommended to provide a dummy doc or screenshot.

Does the below explain what you are looking for?



Hi @Jean_Pierre_Traets,

sorry for not being clear. I’m talking about setting the range control’s value using a Set Control Value formula. In other words, I already have such interactive date range input and I’d like to set its value to e.g. “Last 180 days” by clicking a button. I thought I could use the Set Control Value formula in the button but I can’t find a way to do it.

Is that even possible now?

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Hi @Jan_Hink ,
unfortunately this is not possible.

However, you can easily workaround with it by just putting a flag control and - if true - you set the filter to last 180 days.
Otherwise you take the control value parameters.

Have a look at this simple example:

Let me know if it’s not clear.

I may be misunderstanding, but I think this is possible:

You have to first put it into a list by the looks of things.


Amazing @Connor_McCormick :trophy: :trophy: :trophy:

This is exactly it! Thank you very much @Connor_McCormick, you’re a life saver!



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This is great @Connor_McCormick! :+1:t2:
I haven’t dug into setControlValue enough, yet: thank you.

@Jan_Hink apologies for wrongly pointed out it was not possible.

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Dear @Federico_Stefanato and @Jan_Hink ,

The support provided on this platform is free of charge and even more important at our best knowledge.:hatching_chick:

In many cases, the solution provided is not the only option, but a proposal.:clapper:

The most important from this thread is that @Connor_McCormick made us aware of something that till recently was not possible in Coda.:thinking:

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