How do I set Date Range control's value to "Everything"?

I want to use reset button to the right of the Date range control, to set the date range to show me everything.

What is the formula for “Everything”?

Thanks in advance!

Btw there is this useful thread explaining how to set the Date range control’s value using buttons, to yesterday, today, last week and last month, but I want to set it to “everything” and there is no solution to that there.

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I’ve found a way to achive the desired outcome by setting the first date to the lowest existing and the second to highest (from the table I’m filtering).

Which works pretty much the same but it’s not up to date, for example if I create a new task with due date outside that range it won’t be included until I click the button again.

“Everything” would be no filter at all, right Fran?

Yes indeed, how do I do that with a button press?
If you can see that little “refresh” button next to the date range selector, I want to use that button to set the range to “Everything” so I can save myself 1 click.

First make sure your reset button changes a control’s value

Say that you have a control called “Date Filter”, you want the reset button to change that value to true

In your table’s filter, do a formula IF(Date Filter=True, True, Date Filter). If the value is True, then your table will show everything

I want to change the value of the Date range control using SetControlValue() action with a button.
My table filters are already set to show what’s selected in the actual “Date range control”.

I want the reset button to set control’s value to “Everything” from whatever date range is selected.

You have to programmatically change the formula for the filter of your table

Your table’s filter checks for a superpositioned TRUE for each individual row like this:

Condition1 AND condition2 OR condition3

Let’s say your condition2 is the date filter… it needs to evaluate to TRUE and I showed you how to do that above

I don’t think I understand. Here is my table’s filter related to the date range:
I use the toggle control that’s next to date-range control to decide when to use the date range and when not.

Is this what you were referring to or am I missing something?

Right now it’s checking to see that it matches only.

It needs to evaluate to TRUE somehow to get the functionality that you want

Could you please do it in this doc (I have enabled editing so you can edit it directly):

Works now :slightly_smiling_face:

Althought it wont say everything

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You actually can have a button that resets a date-range contorl to “Everything” but it needs to be in the “personal” mode.

Step 1
Create a date range control in personal mode with the STARTING VALUE set to Everything

Step 2
Create a button that utilizes the ResetControlValue() formula and targets your control as its argument

Coda School has got your back for formulas like this. let me know if you need any more help!


YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES :partying_face::tada:
Thank you! Didn’t think of this.


One more question.

If I want to create a canvas formula that outputs to True when Date-Range is “Everything”. What would that formula look like?

Because this doesn’t work:


This is so I can actually not use the date range in table’s filter if it’s set to “Everything”, so that it can show rows without set date. Because when It’s set to “Everything” it doesn’t show rows without any date value.

As you start to explore Coda more the biggest piece of advice i have to give you is to explore data types, data chips, and outputs.

If you notice, the green chip you have shows that its data type is a list of Dates. Therefore, within that green chip is at least one, but more than likely, at least 2 date-values.

Therefore, choosing contains() as a formula was a good move as its is able to check if a list contains a certain value. Where you went astray was seeking if it contained the value “Everything” which is a text value. A list of date values cannot contain a text value

When you simply type in and reference the date-control, it shows you that the two values in its list are 1/1/1 and 12/31/3999. Therefore, you could try the formula below to check if the current value is everything

dateControl.Contains( Date(1,1,1))

Free Resource on Data types and Formula Chips
I’ve drafted up this resource that covers data types and formula chips in Coda! Take a look


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