Sharing and editing without a login

I vote this as well. This is a pain for me since some app have internal browser in which google doesnt support login. Thus, could n’t edit on the browser.

if Coda could do this, i am willing to pay extra for public

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For some reason, the first time I published a public doc I assumed it would act just like other publicly available links out there. It was later that I found out from our partners that they had to create accounts, and for some that was not allowed by the company IT policy

Quite odd that we don’t see anyone from Coda jumping on this thread :frowning:


This is really a big limitation. I understand that coda wants to attract new users, but maybe you should at least allow editors to edit document without a login for a certain time (e.g. 30 days). At least for urgent things this would help!


I’ve just spent couple of hours creating a kid’s wish list thinking that my family members will be able to edit (click buttons) the published doc without having to create account. Boy, was I wrong! :triumph:


Ugh, just finished building a tool I was trying to essentially white label to a community of folks when I ran into this and is a total deal breaker. What platforms have folks moved to instead that allows for this?


I work at Canon, and just today I introduced one of my team members to a Project Management doc I created for my team.

I would LOVE to get my company to adopt using Coda vs what we’re using now, but I could hear the resistance in their voice, along with them stating others would not want to log-in.

I clicked allow anyone w/link to edit but no joy…

Being able to publish a link, use it for the meeting and then cancel the link (or have it expire after a specified time) would be a great way for me to introduce Coda’s capabilities to new people!

Edit: I may have got by (to a good degree) if I the meeting lead signed in and made the edits to the task list, but, unfortunately the viewers don’t get a automatic refresh when tasks are edited or moved on/off the list. :frowning:

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yep me too. I thought it would b a great idea to share a doc but I don’t want people to feel the need to create an account.

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One more vote for this critical feature, please add ability to edits certain fields globally without an account.

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I believe it would be great if not coda people that fill a form, would be able to actually edit what they wrote at some point.


@coda_account This is a ClickUp level design flaw. Coda isn’t just meant for internal teams, why would you make a collaborative document that has no public edit link?

This means that you cannot introduce someone to Coda or share a Coda document without requesting a significant time investment. You can’t ask an acquaintance or business contact to create a whole account just to make an edit or two, so anything that needs to be shared and edited is going to continue to be through Office 365.

It also means any project I want to embed Coda in has to have advanced embed options or you’re left with a view-only document. Which is exactly the case in the project management software I use - there’s simply no way to use Coda with it.

It’s legitimately one of those design choices that stack up in the “is it really worth using this?” column.


Same here. It’s going to be problematic to scale my work. Pleaseeeee include this feature asap!


same here, i spent a couple hours creating a form and a page hoping that some of my users can use the tables without loggin in… but it wasnt as intended! What a waste of time…

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+1 would love to use this product for many of my events but the need for an account is a blocker

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Same for me, I thought that the option “anyone with the link can edit” was already doing that so I’m a bit disapointed. I don’t know if I’ll continue using Coda without this functionnality (I wanted to build a collaborative project but the fact that everyone has to sign in will probably prevent some people from joining which is… not good)


I feel everyone’s pain here - I just recently updated my account to Teams tier, and I’m liking the additional capabilities - being able to lock down what can and cannot be edited on pages is worth it to me.
(One of the users at work was accidently using one of the tables wrong and kept blowing out the “Task Notes” relationship to the “Tasks” table; the “Notes” column kept getting reverted back to a “plain text” column) - locking the table design resolved that issue proto!
I do WISH you could still (optional) resize the table columns w/that lock on though!)

I could see if Coda would at least make public editing available starting at the Teams tier.

I can’t picture me, or my manager telling our Senior Director “you can’t participate in this great stuff our team is doing cause you don’t have a Coda account…”!

Introducing Coda here at work, for me is a single man’s up-rocky-hill battle, for being able to easily show co-workers what our team is doing / have them sit in on the action…
(Having an “Dynamic Viewer” option - where at least the tables update in real time as others work on it, would be one nice olive branch! :thinking:)

I’m guessing perhaps in part, since changes made to Docs are logged - having unknown folks modifying tables w/o any account details, is a kink to that functionality?
(…And then of course it’s also gravy having all those emails they can send marketing material to…) :pensive:

I would be totally fine with requiring an email (wo\account) to log into a Coda “editing session” - just PLEASE include a “Are you interested in further informational / Marketing emails? - Yes/No” options! (Yes/No for both Info and Marketing options would be best…)

EDIT: Thinking further - limiting non-account participants to perhaps say 1-hour max (I’m desperate here!), would be a nice incentive for getting people to “want-in on more”!

With my company being an entrenched Microsoft haus, I can just envision the productivity BOOST, if folks switched from using SharePoint (the dinosaur), and especially where Excel documents (ugh) are being shared back and forth by zillions of people here…

PLEASE Coda, figure out something to help me spread my love for Coda easier here at my workplace! :pray: :hearts:

I would also like to vote for this. Google Docs and Figma figured this out years ago.
I just want people to be able to comment without signing in.

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This is a major miss by Coda. At least allow anonymous commenting, this is not a big undertaking! This and the inability to share individual pages withing a doc are HUGE reasons why Coda can’t fully replace G Docs yet (thank you for suggested changes mode, although it can be buggy).

Hi @Alex_Pennington :blush: !

Just to say that, this :point_down: might interest you :blush: :

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thank you, this is great! eagerly awaiting :grin:

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