Showing resourcing by function by month

I want to create a view that would look like this (see screenshot). I want to see how many FTE we’re allocating across our various initiatives for each month, then compare that to our actual headcount and then see where we’re over/under committing.

This tutorial showed how to show that for specific individuals overall, but not on a monthly basis, and not on a per function basis. I presume this can be done in Coda, just need to know how!

Just bumping this! Hopefully someone knows how to do this :slight_smile:

hi @Gabriel_Strauss ,

I am afraid it all starts with a proper data architecture. I guess something like below could be a start.

based on such a logic, you can set up filters like this:


Hope it helps.

Cheers, Christiaan


Hello @Gabriel_Strauss ,

It looks like your question has been answered but it would be nice if you could clarify whether or not this meets your needs, if not out of respect for the people who take their time to help you, thank you.



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Thanks Christiaan! I’ll give this a go!

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