Simple Tables with Format Options

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Coda does not put out a roadmap, but do give some guidance in regular and irregular meetings. They also have a dual approach: some larger “BIG BETS” that takes slightly longer to develop, and then small wins that they churn out on a regular basis.

And the guidance meetings that I mentioned above, are very much two way discussions.


Bumping this. We’ve been able to get our company (70+ people) onto Coda…
This has been one of the more frequent issues I’m hearing from from people as they’ve been migrating their knowledge base over to Coda.
They want simple tables - and to simple tables like are possible in Google Docs, Notion, Word etc.
Adding this feature would really be useful and alleviate a pain point. Thanks


Something as a simple table is a must have! Not everything is a table-like database.
I have absolutely no idea how things like delete button, table, proper code blocks (with syntax highlight), inline code (coloured) are missing in Coda. These are basic essential elements for any doc based editor. Even Joplin seems more complete at this point.


Another +1 for this. Just came looking for this exact same thing and found this thread.


Another +1 for this. Sometimes I just need a grid layout for text and don’t want to clutter the database with tables that are purely for the layout of options in 100s of places.


Everyone in this thread —

I saw the votes count on this and got an idea :slight_smile: (8)

The UI above is merely an experiment — the main thing is a simple pack that would generate simple tables as embeddable images (SVG) out of Markdown-like input line:

Of course I also have some formatting in mind; the biggest benefit here is that it can generate really compact tables as it’s all custom SVG+HTML, just with a pack for convenience.

As it’s just one of the side ideas I’m exploring in search of some revenue, I’m only going to work on it if there’s some demand. There would be an option to just take the image from the sample generator and paste it for free, but running it in a live pack formula would cost some symbolic fee, like the minimum possible $1/maker/mo.

So with that in mind —

How interested would you be in getting this pack?

  • Interested; okay with a symbolic $1 / maker / month price
  • Interested only if free

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I support this request. Tables in Coda are overkill for some use cases. Would love to have something really simple and straightforward like Notion.


I really love the initiative you take to solve these types of requests! But, I can say confidently that my team would not be happy with an implementation of simple tables that is not as immediate/straightforward as it is in other tools.
The lack of this feature (or workarounds) just gives more ammo to the Coda hesitant among our staff. It really needs a native implementation.


Hello! Bumping this from 3 years after the original post…
I don’t even need any cell shading function, just simple bold/ italic/ underline text would be sufficient.
Does anyone have any workarounds meanwhile? Thank you.

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Just highlight the text you want to spice up and choose whatever font-functions you want to apply:



Having this future of simple tables would be a game changer as many before me have mentioned. I am still using Notion for my Knowledge base solo on this feature. Once this feature is in Coda, I’m done with Notion.


Does anyone have ideas for how to elevate this request? We need a campaign. If they can roll out the new Compose column format, markdown tables should be trivial, right? Seems like low-hanging fruit…maybe even fruit on the ground to just pick up. Yo, Coda!?

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Hi Josh,

To put this in perspective: This thread has been viewed 1900 times, but only has a 57 votes over a period of three years. Paul offered a solution, and got 8 people that are interested. So really not much of a demand.

And Coda does listen to requests, especially if there are no workarounds:

Custom icons had 240+ votes - that has been implemented.
History per page 44 votes - implemented.
Comments in Formulas 45 - Implemented

Not implemented (yet)
Granular permissions - 46 + 12 votes (Being worked)
Improved Mobile experience



Piet, that is great information, thank you. It always helps to know exactly where you stand in the queue. So we have more votes than some feature that have been implemented…that’s encouraging…or maybe /dumbtable is not as trivial as I assume.

Here is a silly question: how do I vote? I ‘Liked’ the post, does that mean I’ve voted for it?

FWIW, I run my entire business in Coda; I’m working in Coda like 4-6 hours a day. Simple tables and custom functions (i.e., create and reuse equations with passed variables on a canvas) are on my dream list. But given the choice between Coda developers investing in optimizing overall performance or the mobile experience (yikes) vs creating my /dumbtable, I’ll take the former any day…but I’m always looking for stuff that makes life easier.

Let me know how to vote and I’ll do it more often :slight_smile:


Normally, there should be a vote button in the top right corner of the initial suggestion/feature request post …

Suggestion - Vote button

… But, after some changes were made quite some time ago on the Community, I think the button allowing people to vote for most of the older suggestions/feature request created in the Suggestion Box have gone missing (for some unknown reasons).

But, by adding a reply (potentially including feedback and/or uses cases) to one of these older suggestions where the vote button is now unavailable, you still keep the suggestion alive (same goes liking it)… which in turn, might help to see the suggestion implemented :blush: .


Would like to add my vote for this!

There are many times when I just want a table that’s super simple that auto spans the width of the container/page, and has verticle lines like a standard table.

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Added My Vote here.

Where was the vote button?

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I’d also love to see this feature implemented as described above.

is it so hard to realize such a simple thing?

Hi Tamarlan,

I think it is less of how difficult it is to do this, and more of whether it is top of the priorities. But with 73 votes, I am certain that it is on the list of enhancements that the Coda development team is considering.


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