Simple Tables with Format Options

Hi Tamarlan,

I think it is less of how difficult it is to do this, and more of whether it is top of the priorities. But with 73 votes, I am certain that it is on the list of enhancements that the Coda development team is considering.


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Hi. Thanks for the reply. I think it would be difficult to objectively assess how important a feature is just by the voting system in this portal. How many people really knew that you can vote from 2500 views? And 2500 views is not a small number. And what is the real number of people who actually know that it is possible to vote for the implementation of this or that functionality? Just draw parallels with Notion. Coda and Notion are very similar. And most of the users from Notion will be looking for similar formatting tools. Simple tables seems to me to be such a trivially necessary thing as having the ability to make text bold or italicized. I do Coda-based digital office implementations for companies and literally every single one of them is struggling with this simple need.


We are collecting feedback about this here and would love to hear from you :slight_smile:

Does anyone know if there’s any progress on this?


Adding my vote here for consideration + prioritization. Please make available!


Hour 3 of looking for a workaround for this…I am looking for a way to present data in a tabular format in the compose column to then generate PDF’s from that. If simple tables existed, I would have been done in 10 minutes :slight_smile:


You can embed a Google sheet which works almost exactly the same.

if coda is meant to be an all in one doc, it’s pretty ridiculous to still need to embed a google sheet for such a basic need


This surprised me as well. I still don’t understand why simple tables (not a tabular database view!) are not available in Coda? I just want to add a simple table to structure text data or describe something to conveniently present as a simple table. Why use a database table for this, as the developers recommend? What if I need to make thousands of simple tables? Then those thousands of databases will show up in the formula window when I want to perform operations on other databases through the formula.

i can make things in normal tables, but the problem is that most people understand those tables as comparing two vertical columns. the way coda wants us to set them up is in horizontal rows. That’s not intuitive for people who are expecting to see a simple table!


:wave: We are introducing an opportunity to provide feedback on an upcoming Coda feature: Grid. We’ve heard feedback your feedback that you want the ability to layout information in a tabular format without all the advanced table features. Now, with grid you are able to do just that! Additionally, you can add almost any Coda building block to your grid to create beautiful layouts.

How is grid different than Coda tables today?

  • UI designed to layout information, so no filters, sort, views, table names, column names or any other advanced features you’ll find in Coda tables. Grid won’t be visibile in the doc map or / command.

We’re excited to hear your feedback and see how grid helps you create more beautiful docs!

If you’re interested in joining beta, please sign up here.

Once you’ve signed up, we will enable grid for your workspace in the coming weeks.


It’s unbelievable! Thank you to everyone who participated in the promotion and realization of this feature! :heart:


Hello, wow , Thx :slight_smile:
Is the content in a cell counted as the “canvas” ?
This means adding canvas formula ? Callout? in cell, for example

Thank you SO MUCH, Teresa and the rest of the Coda team!!



I just signed up, and look forward to using grid! I anticipate using it frequently, probably daily. And sometimes more than once on a single page.

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