Simple Visual Table from Spreadsheet

Looking for create very simple visualized product roadmaps based on multiple columns of data from a spreadsheet. I am not trying to track a project. There are no relationships between products being displayed Just want to show view of multiple upcoming product releases. Not sure where to start to get this going.

Attached a sample view of a spreadsheet and the type of roadmap I’d like to display based on that spreadsheet.


Something like this?

Good point. I have often suggested that Coda get out of the data visualization business and work on features that allow us to help ourselves.

… this underscores my plea for an investment in the integration of existing data visualization technologies, not the visualization features themselves. If Coda would endeavor to make it possible to embed Vega charts for example, every possible data visualization imaginable — including time lines — would suddenly lay at our fingertips. (here and here)

@Federico_Stefanato - how’s that Vega plugin coming along. :wink:

This would just be amazing!
I didn’t know Vega. I’ll take some time to have a deeper look.

I’m also a fan of integration (not only for data visualisation purposes, even though this might be straightforward) as it goes towards the path of “molecular software” that is getting more and more momentum.