Sliders and chart animations

When a chart is connected to a slider that changes the chart data, the chart tends to look like it is freaking out as the slider is moved because (I think) the chart animation keeps restarting as the data changes but does not have enough time to finish until the user stops moving the slider. The result is a herky-jerky effect that looks like a bug. I hope that makes sense.

At least for my use case, I think two changes to Coda would be helpful:

  1. Allow the slider value itself to change as the slider is moved, but do not recalculate the whole doc until either (a) slider movement stops for at 0.25 seconds or so OR (b) the user releases the control.
  2. Provide the option to turn off chart animation. Then as the user moves the slider, the chart can update in real time.


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I have the same feedback except for us its a duration field with a formula that shows seconds and we see a the bars for from 0-n every second through the animation … any updates to this?