Slow file uploads – any alternatives?

Our B2B customers have the option to register returns in a Coda form. However, uploading a 10MB+ video seems to be extremely slow (several minutes) and they instead send it via WhatsApp (a few seconds) so we have to add it manually. It defeats the purpose of letting customers register the returns themselves. Sometimes, the videos can get up to 100MB (which is too heavy IMO) and it takes forever to upload even on a good connection.


  • Why are file uploads so slow in Coda? Our customers are based in Sweden, if that’s the issue.
  • Would it be possible to for example upload directly to Google Drive via the upload file?
  • Do you have any other suggestions? All are welcome!

I still want the customer to stay inside the coda form (or a page with a table, that’s OK), so having them use another service outside of Coda is a no-go. They are not technical skilled so I cannot force them to compress videos before uploading.

Hi Daniel,

Our engineers reviewed this and it determined there’s no quick fix for this, unfortunately. We thank you for bringing this to the attention of our team though.

I tried to find a workaround for you and the best thing I can find is this pack that says it’s possible to receive messages from Whatsapp. As a heads up, it does say it requires an additional service that’s not free, but it could be worth your time.

Thanks for your patience and understanding, and most importantly thanks for being a great promoter of Coda.