Solution to display AI Generated Content

I don’t have one… I need one!

I have a database in coda, I store lots of notes and knowledge in the database and I use the Canvas column to write the notes. Great if I’m writing the notes, but I want to insert notes generated by AI via the API. The issues is the API does not support markdown in canvas column.

As a workaround I’ve tired a pack that renders HTML in a canvas column with a formula, so the AI updates a column with HTML and it’s then rendered for viewing however, its very basic, and does not support tables.

So I’m left with a sub-par solution.

Has anyone found a solution for anything like this yet? Ideally I want to display HTML styled with CSS in my canvas column type?

Edit - there is a pack that kind of does this, but it renders the HTML and CSS is a very small window within the cavass column :frowning: