(SOLVED) Attempted to reference Done in an invalid context

I have copied a table froma document to the other to track the activities and the done one.
Using a formula to calc the % of the completed, I got this error

I have tried to re-set the reference to current table, but this problem always come up, wanted to ask if someone has a clue where the problem belongs.

hi @Davide_Z ,

As you may know, you are better served by volunteers like me who when you add a sample doc.
I give you one suggestion. I replace the Italian name of your table with thisTable()

thisTable.Filter(Done).Count() /

once this works, you can apply your rounding.

Cheers, Christiaan

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Hi Christian
thanks for your answer, you are right this is always a good practice, but I was thinking my error seemed really trivial.
Testing your solution don’t seems to work, but reworking the script I got this working

The only difference is TRUE in uppercase…
Not sure why copying and pasting this got missing, but good to know

Hi @Davide_Z

As @Christiaan_Huizer pointed please share a dummy doc if possible (no organization restrictions) as otherwise it makes it harder for others to chip in and help.

Please see the doc below and let us know if this is what you need.